Mmege FAQ


How will Mmege Funeral Services help me?

Simply phone your nearest Mmege Funeral Services branch and ask them to advise you. The staff knows their way round all the necessary paperwork and procedures. They will arrange to collect the deceased and then the funeral is arranged in the usual manner.

What clothing should be given to the undertaker?

This is a matter of individual choice. Some loved ones are buried in their pyjamas, casual clothes or nighties, while soldiers are usually buried in their uniforms. The family must decide what they think is right..

Why are coffins so expensive?

Think of a coffin as a piece of furniture. Some people are willing to buy relatively expensive furniture – others haunt second hand shops for bargains. Most importantly, a coffin must be sturdily constructed in order to protect the dignity of the deceased, ensure the health of others and allow the body to be moved easily from place to place. A modest coffin is entirely satisfactory in this regard but those who wish to provide a more sophisticated looking coffin or casket are free to do so. Our customers are NEVER pressurized into buying a coffin for the deceased at the expense of the living.